Construction Points for Aluminum Ceiling Panel

Aug, 24, 2016

The ceiling must be installed in a lot of buildings, aluminum ceiling panel is the most commonly used, when we install aluminum ceilings still have a lot of attention points. 

First, the products must match with parts, if not matching, they can not be used, and the product must meet the quality standards. In addition, they can not appear distorted or deformed state. The aluminum ceiling panel must maintain a flat state during transit, there can be no pressure. Ambient temperature around is not too high, can not have too many harmful substances. 

When installing frame, panels must ensure smooth, spacing can not have too much error. When installing a lift, if there is an error, it is necessary to adjust the order of installation accessories. All lamps are not directly on the flat top, but also make the reinforcement after installation. As long as customers can follow to these precautions, we will not encounter any problems.

Aluminum Ceiling Panel