What Are The Characteristics of Aluminum Curtain Wall?

Aug, 22, 2016

1.aluminum curtain wall are recyclable, environmentally friendly. Aluminium can be 100% recycled, recovery value is higher.

2.aluminum curtain wall is not easy to stain, easy cleaning and maintenance. Aluminum curtain wall with PVDF or powder coated is difficult to attach surface contamination, but also has good cleaning properties.

3.aluminum curtain wall rigidity is good, light weight, high strength. Aluminum veneer curtain wall panels have good corrosion resistance.

4.aluminum curtain wall installation and construction are convenient. 

5.aluminum curtain wall technology is good. Aluminum can be processed into a variety of flat, arc type and spherical surface and complex geometric shapes.

Aluminum curtain wall has unique texture, rich color and lasting life. Shape and appearance can be diversified, it can combine with stone curtain material. Its highly favored by owners.

Aluminum Stone Veneer