Aluminum Trash Can
Aluminum Trash Can Aluminum Trash Can Aluminum Trash Can Aluminum Trash Can
Aluminum Trash Can Aluminum Trash Can Aluminum Trash Can Aluminum Trash Can

    Aluminum Trash Can

    Aluminum Trash Can

    Technical Specification:

    Coating: PVDF or Powder coated,

    Color: Follow your requirements,

    Thickness:2.0~3.0mm,or according to your requirements, 

    Size: Follow your design .

    Cutting type: According to your requirements.

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    The Aluminum trash can


    With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the consciousness of garbage classification has gradually become popular, so we launched a new product-The Aluminum trash can.

       Features of aluminum trash can: the material is made by 3.0mm thickness aluminum sheet, using outdoor spray the color is durable and non-shedding, it’s divided into 4 buckets according to the function for 1 set. In order to facilitate the distinction, different colors are used respectively color paint: red for hazardous waste, green for kitchen waste, blue for recyclables, black for other garbage. You can also tell us what colors you want, we can follow your design. Aluminum garbage can has obvious advantages:

    1. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance. With pvdf coated the aluminum trash-can can used more than 8 years outdoor. If you want to use indoor you can choose the powder coated, it’s cheap and also durable in door.

    2, aluminum has good decorative: aluminum alloy has good plasticity, can be processed into a variety of specification or shape, through the surface treatment to produce different properties, different colors of film can shows the good adornmenting.

    3. Good thermal conductivity: Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity and is not easy to burn. So it's good safety.

    4. Recycle and reuse.This is the biggest advantage of aluminum products being widely used by humans.There is no waste from aluminum products and it does not cause excess waste to the earth.Aluminum can be harvested and reused in furnaces.Thus protecting the environment to the greatest extent.

    We use all the garbage cans most are plastic products when they are recycled burning produces poisonous gases.What's more, plastics can't be decomposed naturally, which is not conducive to the recycling of resources to use. The Aluminum trash can are not, it can be recycled.And it has Better durability. We believe that in the future, The Aluminum trash-can can replace plastic the trash can has a wider market space.