The Working Condition of Aluminium Decrative Panel

Dec, 09, 2016

Aluminium Decorative Panel is also known as aluminium molding board or Kouban, it is sheet metal through roller pressure processed into various cross section, the raw material is aluminium alloy.

The working conditions are as following:

1. The scaffolding, vertical transportation and related conditions should be ready when you construct outside.

2. When inspection procedure is completed , starting the decration of the project.

3. The wall space play well the level of elevation, vertical line, and floor level elevation control line.

4. Complete positioning and details of windows and door openings. Make the measured quantity and detail drawing for the whole constrcution site before the constrcution.

5. Only after all the acceptance of all parties, processing the constrution.

Aluminium Decorative panel is useful, its adornment effect is good, and assembly is simple. More details, welcome to contact manufacturer.