What Should You Notice for Installing Aluminum Decorative Panel?

Dec, 26, 2016

Aluminum Decorative Panel has various wood pattern, bright flat and color, beautiful appearance, in the meantime, it has advantage performance of wear-resisting, heat resistant, cold resistant and fire prevention. It widely used in modern home walls, ceiling and furniture, it is a popular furniture plate material. If you want the appearance performance of aluminum decorative panel to get perfect embody, then you should pay attention to installing it:

1. The decorative substrate is medium density fiberboard, it is made from wood fibers, and easy to effect by environmental conditions. So it is best to open in area before installation.

2. The strong glue is best to choose high solid content brand, it can not pour on the panel directly, you should use paint brush, then use scraper distribute evenly, make the glue dry naturally. The pasting place and adhesive time in process at the same time as soon as possible, to make the bonding degree in the best state.

3. Aluminum decorative panel is no paint material, construction should avoid gravel or scratches because of improper operation.

4. The decorative panel surface can not brush paint directly.

In short, in the home decoration process, notice the above tips, then you can ensure the panel performance to be fully reflected.

Aluminum Decorative Panel