Aluminum Curved Panels Open up Architectural Thinking

Nov, 08, 2016

With the diversification of the architectural style, aluminum curved panel has become more and more popular with the owners and curtain wall designers. Although its processing difficulty is big, but its construction effect is good. Aluminum curved panel open the idea of the building.

Because of the high strength of high-quality aluminum alloy, and because of the sides used in the welding process, not only can greatly improve the rigidity of aluminum, and to ensure that the curtain wall has windproof, lightning, anti-air penetration, And impact resistance and other effects. Aluminum veneer can be processed into various complex shapes, such as different specifications of the plate, the hyperbolic panel, shaped plate, sheet metal forming, and then deal with the surface, can be acrylic acid to spray, it can choose any color, so suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Aluminum Curved Panel