Aluminum Stone Wall Is Welcome

Oct, 20, 2016

At present, the building curtain wall are basically divided into stone curtain wall, glass curtain wall, metal plate curtain wall according to the panel material to distinguish, aluminum stone curtain wall combined with the characteristics of metal and stone, can be designed for a variety of styles, rich natural color, excellent physical properties, relatively simple installation, low cost of production, which  can not be compared by other materials. It is adopted by more and more users in the building industry.

Building curtain wall stone is mainly natural granite stone, the quality of good or bad is determined by the stone internal crystal structure and pigment ions. But the order of the different minerals can form the different stone color changes, this is commonly referred to as "chromatic aberration." Stone color problem is the urgent need to solve, people have the means to control the color of stone. It is still being welcomed.

Aluminum Stone Curtain Wall