Stone Curtain Wall Cleaning And Maintenance

Sep, 22, 2016

1. sealing parts cleaning and dry, stone wall used toluene to clean the sealing surface, should pay special attention to some problems. Do not let the cleaning solution circulate to the joints, then dry with gauze, and gauze should be replaced when it is dirt, to ensure the cleaning effect. Finally, with a clean dry gauze to wipe to keep sealing surface drying.

2. Affixed protective paper tape, in order to prevent the sealing material contaminating the decorative surface, as well as the sealing glue seam and surface material boundary line straight, shall be affixed to fine paper tape, should pay attention to flat paper tape.

3. dispensing: stone veneer dispensing should be uniform, dense, full, while paying attention to the sizing method to avoid waste.

4. Clear the paper tape: stone walls are trimmed well, should be promptly removed the protective tape, removed tape does not to contaminate the surface of the plate,  Timely clean glue marks on the construction.

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