Seven Problems in The Application of Aluminum Curtain Wall

Sep, 08, 2016

Aluminum curtain wall used high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy sheet, constructed mainly by the panel, stiffeners and angle code. Angle code directly formed by panel bending and stamping. Making it become a solid overall, greatly enhance the strength and rigidity of the aluminum curtain wall, ensure the long-term use of the flatness of the wind and seismic capacity.

1. resistance to deformation of curtain wall system

It must be carried out scientific mechanics calculations for each of the important parts of the curtain wall system, considering wind pressure, weight, earthquake, temperature effect on the curtain wall system, for embedded parts, connection system, grid system, panel fasteners carefully checked to ensure the safety .

2.plate use floating connection

Floating connector ensure the ability to recover after deformation of the walls, ensure the integrity of the curtain wall, it does not make the walls deformation.

3.Plate fixation

Plate fixation plays a decisive role on plate flatness, it will affect the exterior effect.

4.Complex surfaces reinforcement measures

Composite panel material retained only the positive plate thickness, so there must be a reliable measure of the reinforcing demolition edge.

5. The back panel is set to strengthen the tendons.

Strengthening arrangement distance and itself strength and stiffness, must meet the requirements to ensure the use of wall function and safety.

6.Sealing manner

Select the appropriate sealing method for the project, to ensure that the function and effect of the exterior curtain wall.

7.The material meet standards

Qualified materials is essential to ensure the quality of the walls, we must be strict inspection to ensure the quality of the material.