Curved Aluminum Panel Meets All Your Requirements

Sep, 01, 2016

With the development of society, and the promoting environmental protection, plastic pipe with high consumables and low resistance has been gradually phased out, replaced by a high-quality, no rust, no corrosion and no leakage of new products. Because of the curved aluminum panel has these characteristic, it has been widely recognized by the market, and a large number of applications. Aluminum curtain wall panels are widely used and become mainstream material.

Curved Aluminum Panel

Curved aluminum panels have advantages of light weight, good rigidity, high strength, reasonable structure. Resisting wind pressure deformation is good. No leaking rainwater and air leakage, seismic performance can meet the design requirements; The most important feature is good processing performance, it can be processed into flat or curved, spherical and other complex shapes, fully meet the design requirements. In addition, it has a wide range of color choices, good decorative effect, easy to meet the designer's color requirements.