Ceiling of Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Panel

Aug, 05, 2017

Aluminum expanded metal mesh plate is made with cutting and expansion of the original aluminum plate, its body is more lightweight and strong bearing capacity. The most common aluminum plate is diamond-shaped hole, and other holes are hexagonal, round hole, oval, triangular, fish scales hole, honeycomb hole and so on. The plate is made of high grade aluminum alloy as the main material, according to the size of the site design, shape and structure of the shape of CNC bending and other technology to form, to ensure that the plate is not deformed, is a high-grade metal decorative materials.

Compared with the general specifications of the aluminum plate, Aluminum plate meet the customer's pursuit, its size, color, spacing, etc. can be customized according to customer needs.

It can be applied to a variety of living workplaces, such as: airport, subway, light rail, station, exhibition hall, gymnasium, library, administrative office building ceiling ceiling, partition, external wall decoration.

Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Panel