Double Curved Aluminum Veneer for Sale

Jul, 25, 2017

As we all know, double curved aluminum veneer has a strong technical content. Different from the aluminum veneer of the conventional shape, hyperbolic aluminum veneer production process is complex, the requirements of the machine and skilled workers is relatively high. So the price of double-curved aluminum veneer will be more expensive.

When we are marketing hyperbolic board, we need to understand the real needs of customers, respect and pay attention to customers, customers want beautiful and practical products, hyperbolic aluminum veneer has a good appearance display effect, create a personalized architectural style, expand the architectural designer of the design space, show the unique charm of hyperbolic aluminum veneer to meet the customer's pursuit of beauty.

We can offer all kinds of aluminum curvered panel, including aluminum single curved panel and aluminum double curved panel.

Aluminum Curvered Panel