Aluminum Veneer Little-known Two Features

Jul, 17, 2017

In daily life, I believe we are no stranger to the aluminum veneer, it is one kind of aluminum curtain wall panel, maybe you do not know some aluminum veneer characteristics.

One is fireproof, aluminum veneer is not burnt. The early aluminum-plastic plate is not able to fire, but with the aluminum-plastic plate technology continues to move forward, the production of fire-resistant aluminum composite panel due to its PE in the non-toxic flame retardant materials, fire performance greatly improved, can meet the needs of engineering fire.

The other is lightning protection. It is understood that a German company in Germany, a military laboratory to do two kinds of materials against lightning experiments. The results show that in the lightning moment when the impact of the use of the curtain wall connection, whether it is aluminum or aluminum veneer, can be completely anti-lightning; In the lightning continuous current role in the metal plate or metal surface of the lightning prone to melt. From this point of view, aluminum veneer with anti-lightning performance.

Aluminum solid panel with stone or wood veneer