Professional Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Manufacturer

Jul, 11, 2017

Aluminum honeycomb panels are honeycomb sandwich panels with honeycomb structure, its inspiration comes from natural hexagonal honeycomb. Aluminum honeycomb panels not only have the lightest quality compared with the same volume of other materials, and stiffness and overall stability are very good, but also have noise insulation performance. Aluminum alloy that is not radioactive, it will not volatilize any harmful gases, can be fully recycled, saving resources and energy, which makes the aluminum honeycomb board to become a kind of energy saving, health of new materials.

The interior panels of the vehicle's bulkheads, control panels, luggage racks, ceiling panels, union   rooms, toilet units, floors, can be made of honeycomb panels. Can use the honeycomb structure to reduce vibration. 

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel